Blood Donor Day

World Blood Donor Day is vital in highlighting the need for blood donors and regular donations. This is held on 14th June every year.

The slogan for 2023 World Blood Donor Day campaign is “Give blood, give plasma, share life, share often.” It focuses on patients requiring life-long transfusion support and underlines the role every single person can play, by giving the valuable gift of blood or plasma. It also highlights the importance of giving blood or plasma regularly to create a safe and sustainable supply of blood and blood products that can be always available, all over the world, so that all patients in need can receive timely treatment.

Blood donation saves millions of lives annually and helps with the recovery and health of patients who have illnesses or injuries, complex operations or childbirth problems. Blood stocks are also essential in natural and man-made disasters. Some blood types are rare, so promoting the need for rare donor types is also part of this event.

Many countries still have a shortage of donors, and thus World Blood Donor Day is vital to these countries to raise awareness of blood donation and thus increase supply in order to save as many lives as possible.

Are you thinking of donating blood? You can visit here, to see if you are elidable to donate. If you have already booked a date to donate blood, please see below for some donating tips.

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