Know your Numbers! Week

This campaign is running from 4th-10th September and highlights the importance of being aware of your blood pressure.

It’s never too early OR late to start checking your blood pressure.. High blood pressure is not simply a part of growing old. You can take steps to know your numbers and lower it if it’s high no matter how old you are. So why not take the time and make a start today?

Know Your Numbers! raises awareness of high blood pressure, encouraging all UK adults to get a blood pressure check. Even have their own blood pressure monitor at home.

Home monitoring is an effective and inexpensive way to keep blood pressure under control and the evidence behind it continues to get stronger. It offers a way for YOU to take control of your health, feel confident, and take the pressure off the NHS at the same time. It gives you a practical way to Know Your Numbers! without visiting your GP, practice nurse, or pharmacist in person. It puts you in the driver’s seat, and it really can save lives.

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