Sun Damage Awareness Week


As the temperature begins to rise, it is important to educate people about the sun and the damage that it can cause. The Sun Awareness Week is run by the British Association of Dermatologists’ annual campaign to raise awareness of skin cancer. The week runs from Monday 1st to Sunday 7th May.

What damage can the sun cause?

Over-exposure to the sun’s rays can cause serious damage to your body. Initial sun burn can become red, sore, warm, tender and occasionally itchy for about a week. The skin will normally start to flake and peel after a few days and will usually heal within 7 days.

Over time, continued UV damage can take a toll on your skin and its underlying connective tissue. As a result, your skin may develop more wrinkles and lines.

Additionally, over-exposure can cause two common types of cancers. One being non-melanoma, and melanoma, which is by far the most dangerous and deadly skin cancer. This simple reason is enough to look after your skin and stay in the shade and be safe in the sun.

Who is affected?

Everyone is affected by damage to the skin from the sun, in fact last year, 35% of people in the UK were burnt at least once, with 28% of those being burnt more than three times during the year.

Need some tips on how to block sun damage?

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